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From Alice To Arctic 40Yrs Motoring by Jeff Carter, a great read

  • SKU : 35918
  • Author: Jeff, Carter
  • Format: Paperback
  • Condition: Used
  • Pages: 238
  • Published: 1989


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One of our favorite books , that is also Aussie authored ,here at MotorBookWorld , is the book by Jeff Carter, the photo journalist famous for a lot ,such as he was official photographer at Lake Eyre for the Donald Campbell Bluebird land speed record in 1963 1964 and the book has funny stories about that , and also his famous Porsche 912 of which Carter took a world famous pic of it with 2 domestic clothing irons attached to the gear lever to stop it jumping out of gear which infuriated Porsche Australia distributors at the time who could not cure the issue (yes the pic is in the book) .Carter also had a love of Kremer 911 porsche of the 1970s and owned one and a 356 c , 911E  and others .If you are a Porsche fan you will get a lot out of this book .He made films with Eric Worrell the snake wildlife guru . A Highly Entertaining Collection Of Motoring Yarns, Spanning Forty Years Of Driving Adventures Throughout Australia And Europe. He wrote for Wheels , Sports Car World , CAR uk , Natl Geographic , Life and others and wrote 18 books , this one being the autobiography covering his motoring and other bush / world travel exploits undertaken from 1948 to 1988 .